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Terms & Conditions

  1. This voucher would need to be activated prior to making a reservation by the following methods:
    • The customer would need to log on to, enter their coupon code mentioned on their voucher and enter the required personal and contact details and proceed forward by clicking the “Activate Coupon” button.
    • Once, the voucher is activated, its validity would be set according to the validity mentioned on the voucher/ email the customer would have received (Example, if a voucher has one month validity from the date of activation, assuming, a customer activates his voucher on the 5th Feb 2014, his voucher’s validity would be set for the 5th March 2014.)
    • Once activated the customer can enter a reservation request to commence the process of redeeming the code.
  2. A reservation requests need to be made 48 hours prior to the date the customer intends to utilize the services detailed in this voucher.
  3. Both the movie as well as the meal options as detailed in this voucher need to be redeemed on the same day and cannot be split in two different days. For the sake of clarity one day shall be calculated as the beginning of a 24 hour clock cycle. In the event the voucher has not been utilized on the same day for both or one of the services (movie / meal) have been redeemed, then the voucher shall be deemed to be used and no refund of either option shall be made under any circumstances whatsoever.
  4. The activation and validity dates mentioned on this voucher are final and will not be extended or modified, revalidated under any circumstances. Further, the vouchers will not be revalidated or extended in the event a customer fails to activate or redeem the voucher during the validity of the voucher.
  5. To redeem this voucher, prior reservations at affiliated cinemas and restaurants will have to be made on
  6. Presentation of this voucher directly at any restaurant or cinema will not be valid. The customer will need to make a booking 48 hours prior on
  7. Once the voucher has been activated and reservations have been made as detailed above, no reservations can be cancelled and no refund will be made to the customer in any manner whatsoever.

Terms and Conditions for reserving/ redeeming a movie via the voucher:

  1. Tickets can be booked as per price mentioned on the voucher for all shows from Monday to Thursday & shows before 12 pm for Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  2. Tickets once issued/ reserved cannot be changed/ amended.
  3. 4 Minute Mile cannot be held responsible for any show being cancelled by theatre authorities for whatsoever reason.
  4. 4 Minute Mile is not responsible for the quality of seats/ movie or any service discrepancies in the theatre.
  5. Tickets will be issued subject to availability without any seat preference.
  6. Tickets cannot be en-cashed or exchanged for cash.
  7. 4 Minute Mile voucher entitles the customer for only a movie ticket and no other facilities in the theatre such as food and beverages.

Terms and conditions for reserving/ redeeming a meal at a Restaurant via the voucher

  1. The meal provided at the selected restaurant will have a fixed menu and details of meal provided are available on the website
  2. The fixed menu cannot be modified in any manner and any additional food, beverage or product ordered at the restaurant that isn’t included in the fixed menu would be billed separately the cost of which will have to be borne by the customer.
  3. The customer has to present the confirmation SMS or Email with voucher code sent to them on their registered mobile number at time of placing the order.
  4. We are not responsible for the quality of service, food or any other discrepancies at the Restaurant.
  5. In no scenario would a refund be processed or reservation date and time be altered.
  6. Booking once made cannot be cancelled or modified.
  7. The meal is only valid in the Restaurant which has been confirmed to you by the 4 Minute Mile team.
  8. A reserved table at the restaurant is not assured and 4 Minute Mile cannot be held responsible if the table is not reserved.